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Hello Folks! Don’t know how to make the T-Mobile Payment? Then what are you looking for? Go ahead and learn how to make the payment by T-Mobile. First of all, you should set up the payment arrangement for your T-Mobile account. According to your source, you can choose any one of the Metro PCS T-Mobile Payment Method. In the following sections, you will get complete information about the Metro by T-Mobile Payment through online and offline methods. Payment arrangements are available to only prepaid users. Users should sign into Bill Pay Account and make Metro PCS T-Mobile Payment. To make a payment, you need to provide Metro by T-Mobile Phone Number.
Furthermore, prepaid users have also one easy payment option i.e; one-time payment in a secure way. It is having three stages, making a one-time payment first you need to provide payment amount -> payment method -> review payment. After successful completion of the payment, you can view the history of its Payment History under “Payment Settings” as it routes to new so there is no longer a “Print Payment Receipt” option. You can also have T-Mobile Payment Returned, Late, or Missing option.
You should open to login into your account provide T-Mobile number and password. Know more about the T-Mobile Payment check out the website. Let’s have a look at other payment options for Metro PCS Payment.

Metro PCS Bill Payment Methods | Metro AutoPay

Most of the people do their payment online because of their busy life. To make a payment through our automated phone system, dial * PAY (* 729) or 1-800-375-1126. To make a T-Mobile Payment on a different account do “Start over”. Go to “Switch accounts” to provide the account and Payment details. We want to create it simple and stress-free to pay your bill. Are you making the Metro PCS payments in given methods? Want to change your Metro by T-Mobile Payment Method? Then follow the steps given below.
  • Open the My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  • Go to the DUE DATE section; you can select ON for EasyPay.
  • Click on Edit EasyPay Settings and then desired payment method.
  • Give the required payment method information and then select Next.
  • Tap on I agree to the Terms & Conditions and if you choose to proceed, then click on submit.
  • You can make the payment either month by month or twice the month through T-Mobile. If you are doing the Metro by T-Mobile Payment via Online or Offline, you need to know some information.

Here we have shared the complete information about the Metro PCS Payments. Are you making the monthly Metro PCS Bill Payment? Then you want to update it. The following steps will help you to do the update or delete your monthly payment method. For validation reasons only, a temporary $79 soft permission will be put on your new card.

  • Log on to your Customer Portal.
  • Select ACCOUNT.
  • Go to Payment Options.
  • Choose Add Payment Method.
  • Enter your new credit or debit card information.
  • To set a new card as default, the card information and select Set as Default.
You can also delete a stored payment method by selecting the Delete next to the card if you wish to cancel. As per conditions, you will need to keep at least one card on your account at all times. Know how to set up the payment arrangement for your T-Mobile account by scrolling this page.

Metro T-Mobile Payment Online | Metro PCS AutoPay

AutoPay makes it a snap to pay your T-Mobile bill. This free service will deduct payments automatically to settle your T-Mobile bill from your credit card or checking account. You can also obtain monthly payment credits for up to eight lines on a qualifying Postpaid Magenta or T-Mobile ONE tax scheme when AutoPay is active throughout your payment cycle.

About the Auto Pay

  • Such as the no credit check option available with T-Mobile ONETM and Simple ChoiceTM, AutoPay is not accessible for No Credit Check schemes.
  • Payments are withdrawn about two to three days before the due date of your bill.
  • For the first time setup of AutoPay has no time limit for payment processing.
  • If AutoPay is rejected and having an unprocessed payment, you will be notified by text message.
  • Automatically Unprocessed Payments will be reprocessed in five banking days.
  • Once you have completed your payment agreement, you can reset AutoPay.

How to set up a payment arrangement for your T-Mobile account?

Payment agreements are accessible for postpaid clients only who require assistance in paying their bill and be conscious that there is still room for late fees. If your account has been due for 31 days or more before you can set up a payment agreement, you must pay the previous due quantity. Set up your T-Mobile payment arrangements by the following two steps.

From the T-Mobile App

  • Open the T-Mobile App and download it, If you don’t have.
  • Click on Pay Now
  • Scroll the page and tap on Payment Arrangement.
  • Continue to Step 4 If your account has a past due to balance for 30 days, you must make a one-time payment to bring your history due to balance to 30 days or less before you can set up a payment arrangement for the remaining amount due.
  • Continue to Step 11, If your account has 30 days or less of previous due equilibrium. And Continue
  • View the Amount
  •  Default is the sum due to the minimum payment needed to qualify for a payment agreement.
  • Click on Payment Method, Payment technique previously stored will indicate if accessible.
  • Continue and Read Terms & Conditions.
  • Tap on the Agree & Submit.
  • Review and tap Continue on the confirmation screen.
  • To set up or edit current agreement, tap Payment installments. You can only alter the technique of payment for planned provisions.
  • Choose Payment Method
  • Remove Existing Payment Method
  • The Future Dated Payment (FDP) will be canceled, and your account will be frozen.
  • To prevent suspension, restore charges, and taxes, you must add a fresh bank account or new card.
  • Add Bank
  • Add Card and Continue
  • Review the confirmation screen with details of the agreement, removal of the discount, and if applicable, data about AutoPay un-enrollment.

From My T-Mobile

  • Go to My T-Mobile and log in to your account.
  • Select Pay Now.
  • Continue to Step 3 If your account has a past due to balance for 30 days, you must make a one-time payment to bring your history due to balance to 30 days or less before you can set up a payment arrangement for the remaining amount due.
  • Continue to Step 6, If your account has 30 days or less of previous due equilibrium
  • Select Continue to process your one-time payment, complete the necessary areas.
  • Review and tap Continue on the confirmation screen.
  • To set up or edit current agreement, select Make a payment agreement or view arrangement information on the payment screen.
  • You can only change the method of payment for scheduled arrangements.
  • Read Terms & Conditions, Agree, and submit.
  • Review the confirmation screen with details of the agreement, removal of the discount, and if applicable, data about AutoPay un-enrollment.

Terms and Conditions of Payment Arrangements

  • It can not be altered, expanded, or deleted once a payment scheme has been established.
  • If the payment date is more than 10 days after your initial due date, you may be paid a late fee.
  • If your payment scheme is set up with a Future Dated Payment, do not make payment(s) early or by an alternative technique.
  • The scheme may not recognize these as satisfying your agreement causing duplicate payments, overpayments, additional charges to be incurred, and possible service suspension.
  • To prevent the failure of the payment agreement and possible suspension of service, you must pay each installment by the defined due date.
  • If the first installment is not paid by the due date, the whole payment scheme will fail.
  • All new bills due during the agreement must be paid by the due date in order to avoid failure of the payment agreement and possible suspension of operation.
  • If your account is suspended (including temporary suspension) for nonpayment, a $20 restore fee per line will be included in the installment(s).

Metro PCS by T-Mobile Online Payment for Bussiness Accounts

  • Business accounts should check out the below given T-Mobile Bill Payment for Business Accounts
  • Refill a Prepaid account
  • Refill a Prepaid account
T-Mobile provides a number of easy ways to replenish your prepaid account you can use a refill, credit, debit, or automatic renewal cards.

Refill Automatically

One of the following methods can be used to set up automated refills

My T-Mobile

  • Log in to your My T-Mobile Account Online.
  • Under the My Account Status, you can select the refill account.
  • Select Signup under AUTO REFILL.
  • You can tap Credit or Debit cards or Checking Account to enroll.
  • Provide checking account details or card details (billing information, name, expiration date, and address).
  • In the Sign up for Auto-pay section, you can choose one or more of the following option as below the payment details.
  • AutoPay: Occurs monthly on the renewal date.
  • Auto Refill: Allows you to schedule your payments.
  • Add extra funds: To be used towards additional monthly usage costs.
  • Select Continue in the save payment information section.

Connect Me

  • On your device Access Connect Me.
  • When the dashboard for the prepaid account appears, click on the Add/Change monthly plan.
  • You can choose the desired plan, then hit on the Choose Monthly Plan.
  • Review the Auto Pay Terms, and hit on Next.
  • For prepaid auto renew data passes you need to require Auto Pay.
  • Enter payment information and Review terms of service
  • And then tap Agree.
  • Review payment summary, then click PLACE ORDER. You should wait for changes to apply.
  • Call the Refill Center at 1-877-720-5195
Refill Online
  • Online or via My T-Mobile, you can refill your prepaid account.
  • Maximum one transaction refill amount is $150.
  • In one day, multiple transactions can be finished.
  • The total balance of the account can not exceed $1,000.
Refill by phone
  • Use the T-Mobile Refill Center to refill your prepaid account over the phone. Just dial * ADD (* 233).

Purchase refill cards

  • You can buy refill cards online or buy them from a T-Mobile shop or a licensed retailer. Find a nearby refill place.
  • Change automatic payments
When you sign up for instant payments, you can update your loan card information.

My T-Mobile

  • On the home page click Auto Refill.
  • Click Manage Payment Options
  • Tap Edit under the current card information.
  • Input the new card information.
  • Click Continue to save changes.

Other Payment Options

  • Start, stop or update recurring payments through Autopay’s management
  • You can create a payment straight to your equipment installment plan if you want to create a device payment
  • You may be able to set up a payment agreement if you need a little extra time to pay your bill.
  • To create a deposit through our automated phone scheme, dial * PAY (* 729) or 1-800-375-1126.

T-Mobile Bill Payment for Business Accounts

If you are looking for peace of mind and you don’t want to have trouble making a monthly payment. AutoPay is a free service which automatically deducts payments to pay for your T-Mobile service from your credit card or checking account.

Pay your bill via online

  • Go to My T-Mobile and connect to your account.
  • To process your payment, select the PAY BILL button and finish the necessary areas.

Pay your bill over the phone

  • To make the T-Mobile payment Dial *PAY (*729) or 1-800-375-1126, there no change if you like to speak with the person to pay.

Mail your payment

  • Send your check or money order to the one of the following address
  • T-Mobile – PO Box 790047 St. Louis, MO 63179-0047 Cincinnati,
  • T-Mobile – PO Box 742596 OH 45274-2596

Automatic wire transfers

Automatic wire transfer is also known as ACH which will do an electronic fund transfer payment. In order to step up your ACH, there is no need to contact your respective bank.
  • Contact Business Care by calling 1-800-375-1126 or dialing 611 in order to set up an ACH wire transfer from your device which will take only about five business days to get.
  • Provide your email and mailing address if it is not the same what you have on the account then we will submit an application to send you the ACH Setup Form.
  • After receiving the form fill it out and mail it to the email address which is provided on the form. And form should be completed entirely before payments can be submitted.
  • Then begin the ACH payments to the T-Mobile Account Number and Routing Number and you need to remember to allow a minimum of five business day before sending payments.

How long does it take for Metro by T-Mobile to process a payment?

Hence, payments made by the credit card or T-mobile store, electronic check or phone usually right away processed to account but it will take up to one day to appear on your account. Automatically the AutoPay payments finished about two to three days prior to the due date of your bill each month.

T-Mobile Payment – Returned, Late, or Missing

We don’t want your T-Mobile bill to stress you. What to do if there is a return, late or missing payment for your bill.

Returned payments

If your payment is returned, Keep some of the points in mind
  • You are responsible for any bank charges resulting from efforts to obtain payment.
  • You will not be able to create electronic check payments for at least 30 days on your T-Mobile account.
  • If the number of the checking account is invalid, your checking account permanently blocked.
  • You will be permanently blocked from making electronic check payments or debit/ credit card payments if you continue to have returned payments, and your service may be permanently disconnected.
  • Before any service disruption, the Primary Account Holder may obtain a text message notification of the returned payment.
Late payments
We want you to prevent disruption of service and assist you to update your payments. If you have economic issues and need extra time to make your payment, consider setting up a payment scheme to assist you to get your account back on track.
  • The only way to guarantee that your account stays in operation is to pay the past due to balance.
  • If you have contested fees, we suggest that you pay the complete quantity to prevent disruption of service and late fees. To a future bill, the credits applied.

Is your Payment missing?

If you are having more than one T-Mobile account then check all of your accounts to see if you posted the payment to the incorrect account. If it is not the case then check your bank or credit card provider. In case if they processed your payment but it is not reflected in your account then before contacting collect some of the details as given below.
  • Where you made the payment, how, when
  • if applicable, specify the payment method, which is including the last four digits.
  • Exact payment amount
  • After reviewing this information, then open a missing payment request.

If you got a text message from T-Mobile, additional payment documentation would need to be provided. Use the below given details to determine what is needed.

  • Full Name
  • Last four digits of your SSN
  • Your mobile number to verify identity.

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