Metro PCS Plans: Metro PCS offers some of the most attractive cell phone deals on the market. Additionally, metropcs has brand’s prepaid service model. As Metro is T-Mobile’s merged company, it offers a different variety of prepaid cell phone plans. Additionally, it also has unlimited access to monthly data limits to family plans, and flexible payment options. When you switch from your current provider to Metro your phone price is heavily discounted and enroll in a qualifying voice and/ or data plan. On the other hand, go through the below sections to know more details about Metro PCS Plans. In the first place, book mark our website for latest updates and notifications.

If you check the Metro PCS phone deals, you can not stop yourself from buying new phone rom Metro PCS. Additionally, people who get a data plan with phone from Metro PCS can have the option of tacking on some extra goodies which depends on their availability and the plan user choose like Amazon Prime and Google Pay. If you sign up for or switch more than one phone line on a new plan then there are usually limited-time deals going on like getting free phones. Read this article completly to know more details about Metro PCS Plans.

Metro PCS Plans | Best No Contract Cell Phones

The Metro services are offered in their stores only. This carrier has all its cell phone plans simple and effordable for the comfortability of their customers. The users also have alot of options to choose. Metro PCS is one of those companies who offer family plans. These family plans have discounts on each line. Below we have given the popular cell phone plans.

  • 2GB: $30
  • 10GB: $40
  • Unlimited Data: $50 (which includes 5GB mobile hot spot data)
  • Unlimited Data: $60 (which includes 15GB mobile hot spot data, Amazon Prime)

In the below sections, you can also have the comparision with the other carriers. Check below given table for those details.

1GB or less 2-4GB 5-7GB 8-10GB Unlimited
AT&T GoPhone $35 (1GB) $50 (8GB) $65
Boost Mobile $35 (3GB) $50
Cricket Wireless $25 (talk and text only) $30 (2GB) $40 (5GB) $55
MetroPCS $30 (2GB) $40 (10GB) $50
Project Fi $20 (talk, text and Wi-Fi)$30 (1GB) $40 (2GB)$50 (3GB)

$60 (4GB)

$70 (5GB)$80 (6GB+) $80
Republic Wireless $15 (talk, text and Wi-Fi)$20 (1GB) $25 (2GB)$30 (3GB)

$35 (4GB)

$40 (5GB)$45 (6GB)

$50 (7GB)

$55 (8GB)$60 (9GB)

$65 (10GB)

Sprint prepaid $45 (4GB) $65
Straight Talk Wireless $30 (1,500 minutes, unlimited texts and 100MB data) $35 (2GB) $45 (10GB) $55
T-Mobile prepaid $45 (4GB) $50 (10GB) $60
Verizon prepaid $30 (500MB) $40 (3GB) $50 (8GB) $70
Virgin Mobile $35 (5GB) $45 (10GB) $60

Metro PCS Unlimited Data, Talk & Text Plans

Metro by T-Mobile offers different vairaites of phones. The Metro PCS has wide range of cell phones like large screen phones, high camera phones, etc. Additionally, you can also check mosr popular branded phones like Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, and LG Stylo. In the first place, go through this page to know more details about Metro PCS Cell Phones. On the other hand, bookmark our page for latest updates.

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