Verizon Wireless Plans: Verizon Communications Inc. is an American multinational telecommunications conglomerate and a corporate component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is based at 1095 Avenue of the Americas in Midtown Manhattan, New York City, but is incorporated in Delaware. The best Verizon plan for you is depends largely on what you requirer. Verizon has a wide variety of plan types, from premium unlimited data plans to low & cheap prepaid plans with a touch of data to let you check emails now and then. To know which Verizon wireless cell phone plan is best for you, you will want to consider how much data you are really going to need and what extra features you want to get from your service. Go through this page to get latest updates on Verizon Wireless Plans.

Verizon Wireless Plans

Verizon’s shared data plans and prepaid plans come at low prices, but don’t offer exciting extras. Meanwhile, Verizon’s unlimited data plans feature extras like Apple Music, fast mobile hotspot data, and more. Verizon is the first carrier to launch a true 5G network, with support for both the Moto Z3 and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G. So, you have the choice of jumping onto one of its top unlimited Verizon data plans for access to that service, which we have seen deliver data speeds in excess of 1Gbps in a 5G speed test. It is currently only available in Chicago and Minneapolis, but coming to more urban areas this year. Bookmark our page for latest updates and notifications regarding Verizon Wireless Plans.

Verizon Wireless Plans | Unlimited Talk & Text

The wide variety of Verizon Wireless plans and pricing details leave you with a lot to think about. So, whether you are shopping alone or with friends and family members, we will help you to understand the Verizon’s mobile plans and what you will pay. The verizon plans will be cheaper per-person if you activate multiple lines. For example, the monthly rate for one line on an unlimited plan would be $75 while getting four lines would bring the per-person cost down to $40 per month. We team has gone through the details, both the major and the fine print, to find out everything we can about Verizon’s various plans so we can help you find the best one. Whatever your needs, we will help you to understand Verizon’s best plans so you can make the right choice.

  • Small: 2GB – $35/ Month
  • Medium: 4GB – $50/ Month
  • 5: 5GB – $40/ Month
  • Large: 8GB – $70/ Month
  • Go Unlimited: Unlimited – $75/ Month
  • Beyond Unlimited: Unlimited – $85/ Month
  • Above Unlimited: Unlimited – $95/ Month

Best Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Plans 2019

Verizon offers three tiers of unlimited plans. Go Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, and Above Unlimited. All these three include unlimited talk and text in the US, Verizon Up rewards, unlimited mobile hotspot, video streaming, and support for talk, text, and data while abroad in Canada or Mexico. The way these plans chenages is in the speeds, 4G LTE data thresholds, and the perks they offer. Go Unlimited support mobile hotspots at 600Kbps, while Beyond Unlimited offers 15GB of hotspot at 4G LTE speeds, and Above Unlimited steps that up to 20GB. Go Unlimited offer also limits video playback to DVD quality (480p), but the other tiers support HD (720p) streaming.

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